Tenley's 3rd Birthday

Our little girl Tenley is growing up way too fast. The first weekend of February we celebrated her 3rd birthday. So hard to believe! It's been an amazing 3 years watching her grow and develop her own little person with such a big personality. Tenley to say the least inherited some stubbornness along with being very particular about things such as no tags in clothes, wearing the shoes she wants to wear, having the right place mat/plate,etc at dinner, picking out her own clothes and much much more. She always seems to know exactly what and how she wants things and we wouldn't have her any other way. Tenley we love you to the moon and back and MORE!
We first celebrated Tenley's big day with a family party and then the following day had a Princess & Pirate party with some friends and that evening went out to dinner as a family and took the kids bowling. Tenley had an awesome weekend celebration and had fun spending time with family and friends.

Bowling fun
 Happy 3rd birthday Tenley
 Princess & Pirates Party
 Tenley's birthday surprise

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